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About Us - Lion Sanitary Metals
Leão Metais Sanitários was founded on April 15, 1999, by businessmen Paulo Leão and Cezira Mazali Leão. Company initially focused on the manufacture of Bathroom Accessories, after two years came its first achievement, the purchase of a land of approximately 22 thousand meters square of area, with a physical structure of 320 square meters where the projects for the manufacture of faucets, registers, hygienic showers began. During this time Leão increased its manufacturing power and exceeded goals and expectations with each passing year.

Today we have an industrial park of more than 7 thousand square meters. Approximately 350 direct and indirect employees, producing more than 100,000 items per month, distributing throughout Brazil and also with sales channels in Paraguay and Argentina. A history that began 21 years ago and will not stop here, we have a lot to contribute to the growth of Brazil, with solid and productive partnerships, we seek to innovate in all our sectors, in the products that beautify and bring functionality to our homes and in the people who accompany us on this beautiful trajectory.

Be part of our history that we will be part of yours.
Leão Metals, together with you.